Wine is an incredibly complex agricultural product, and Jolene understands how intimidating it can be to learn about it. That’s why she created KnowWines - to provide a variety of classes that simplify the process, giving you the basic knowledge you need to appreciate, enjoy, and discuss wine, wherever you are.

The Classes

KnowWines classes take place in various Triangle locations, in your home, or online (where you can access our wine knowledge from anywhere in the world!). Learn about our course offerings and register to join at the links below:

Authentic Wine Country Travel for Women Over Forty: How to Set Your Travel Intentions

Free Online Course, Live on March 15th

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This class was created by KnowWines founder Jolene Unland for women who crave an authentic travel experience. This course is not a catalog of wine regions to visit. Nor is it simply a checklist for how to take the best tour of wine country. Instead, it’s a guide to setting intentions for the kind of experiences you want, whether its enjoying the scenery behind the wine, meeting the people who make it, touching the soil of the vineyards, pairing local food with wines, connecting with different cultures, or boosting your wine knowledge. The goal of this course is to help you create a journey that is inspiring, deeply personal, and that, like a fine wine, will hold value for years to come.

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Personalized Small Group Classes

In a small group at your home or business, you will taste wines, learn about their qualities, and discuss your observations and preferences. And, of course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable setting. You will also have access to a wine tasting grid, a visual aid to help you more easily identify the qualities of each wine you taste.

We offer several classes with pre-set curriculums, including:

All About Sweetness and Acidity: In this class, you will taste wines ranging from low to high sweetness and medium to high acidity. You will learn key concepts of taste, and leave the class able to express preferences like, “I prefer sweet, high acidity wine over off-dry medium acidity wines.”

All About Aromas: In this class, you will learn about aromas of fruit, fermentation, oak, and aging. You will leave the class with an understanding of typical wine aromas and with the ability to express preferences like, “I prefer unoaked white wines.”

All About Texture: In this class, you will learn the basics of how wine feels, and will explore how carbonation, body, and tannin influence the way wine feels in your mouth. You will leave this class recognizing texture differences and with the ability to say, “I prefer highly carbonated wine to faintly carbonated wine,” or “I prefer strong tannin to mild tannin.”

All About a Grape: Noble Grapes are grape varieties planted in the major wine producing regions of the world. In this class, you will use an aroma wheel, a tasting grid, and maps to take a sensory journey with four wines to the Old and New Worlds and learn how climate, agronomic practices, and winemaking methods influence the Noble Grape or another International Grape of your choice. Identify the grape variety you would like to explore in the message portion of the class registration. Here are your options.

All courses:

  • Instructional Fee: $270+

  • Premium Wine Package: $80 (4 bottles)

  • Luxury Wine Package: $200 (4 bottles)

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All About You: A Custom Class

Are there specific wine questions you’ve always wanted to ask or a type of wine you’ve always wanted to learn about, like sparkling wines, perhaps? Or, maybe you want to learn about glassware, bottles, labels, marketing, and closures.  Perhaps you are planning a trip to a wine region and you would like some specific recommendations. Let Jolene know your interests and she will set up a flight of wines to help answer your questions. The possibilities are endless.

Instructional Fee: $TBD, based on flights